Top Choice Korean in Seongeup Folk Village

Yetnal Patjuk

Everything about this restaurant, housed in a traditional building, is inviting. Inside the door you're greeted by warm smiles and the sweet earthy aroma of red beans. Excellent soups and porridge are served here, i…
Top Choice Seafood in Moseulpo

Hamo Restaurant

An excellent choice for travellers looking for breakfast before heading out on a ferry to the nearby islands, this seafood restaurant opens early and serves home-style fare such as miyeokguk (미역국, seaweed soup). It'…
Top Choice Barbecue in Seogwipo

Saesom Galbi

Down an alley and perched on a cliff overlooking the harbour, this is the place for barbecued beef or pork. The atmosphere is informal and boisterous thanks to the weathered floors, open dining concept and giddy sta…
Top Choice Seafood in Jeju-si

Haejin Seafood Restaurant

Of the many restaurants overlooking the harbour, Haejin is the largest and one of the most popular places to try Jeju-do’s seafood specialities such as cuttlefish, eel, squid, octopus, sea cucumber and abalone. The …
Top Choice Korean in Sehwa-ri & Hado-ri

Dasi Boesi

If you've spent time exploring the Haenyeo Museum, do yourself a favour and eat here. This shop serves delicious feasts of grilled mackerel and tofu stew. Near the beach road, it’s a 10-minute walk from the museum. …
Italian in Western Jeju-do

Harubang Pizza

Tasty 1m-long pizzas topped with sweet potato, bulgogi (marinated beef) and kimchi are served in an old building in the middle of nowhere.
Seafood in Sagye

Yongrim Sikdang

A simple restaurant offering splendid seafood dishes such as maeuntang (매운탕, spicy seafood soup). A pair of travellers might choose the set meal (회정식, ₩30,000), which includes raw fish and loads of side dishes. If t…
Fast Food in Udo

Chocolate Castle by the Sea

This wonderfully eclectic shop serves oh-so-juicy hamburgers. There is no chocolate here, but you will find a delightful museum housing a nearly complete collection of Anne of Green Gables memorabilia, including a 1…
Korean in Jungmun Resort

Jeju Mawon

Jeju-do's less famous speciality meat – horse – is served in this splendid traditional restaurant housed in a spacious Hanok building. The food, which also includes beef and pork, is great and the presentation, wond…
Korean in Seongeup Folk Village

Gwandangnae Sikdang

The ebullient owner of this restaurant is known for his succulent black-pig pork dishes – a massive banquet for two is ₩35,000. From the small retail plaza outside the south gate, walk about 50m into the hamlet of t…