Top things to do

Top Choice Palace in Ganghwado

Goryeogungji Palace

The partially restored remains of a small palace, dating back to the Goryeo dynasty (918–1392), sit on a hillside in Ganghwa-eup. The palace was completed around 1234, a few years after King Gojong moved his capital…
Top Choice Casino in Yeongjongdo

Paradise City Casino

Put it all on black at Korea's first Vegas-style casino, featuring an enormous gaming floor where bow-tied croupiers shuffle cards and stack chips at multiple tables. If you do hit the jackpot, the resort will gladl…
Top Choice Beach in Deokjeokdo

Seopori Beach

The spectacular 2km-long Seopori Beach, located along Deokjeokdo's southern shore and backed by a thick grove of 200-year-old pine trees, is a sleepy sanctuary of pristine nature and the main island attraction for t…
Top Choice Brewery in Incheon

Caligari Brewing

One of the best spots for a beer in the Old Port area, this brewery with attached taproom slots perfectly into its old warehouse setting. A row of towering tanks faces a small bar pouring a range of craft beers, and…
Music in Incheon

Pentaport Rock Festival

This multi-day rock, indie and metal fest held annually in Incheon attracts major international bands.
Archaeological Site in Ganghwado

Ganghwa Dolmen Park

Skip across this grassy field beside Ganghwa History Museum to marvel at Bugeun-ni Dolmen (부근리 고인돌), a trio of giant stones hefted into a megalithic tomb (the two 'door' stones are missing). Dating to the Bronze Age…
Temple in Ganghwado


Situated high in the pine-forested hills of the west-coast island of Seongmodo, this temple has some superbly ornate painting on the eaves of its buildings. The grotto and 10m-tall Buddha rock carving are standouts.…
Mountain in Ganghwado


It's a steep one-hour climb, with more than 900 steps, to reach the top of scenic Mani-san (469m). At its summit you'll find Chamseongdan (참성단; 10am to 4pm), a large stone altar said to have been originally built an…
Arts Centre in Incheon

Incheon Art Platform

This attractive complex of 1930s and ‘40s brick warehouses was turned over to the Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture, which has created gallery spaces and artist residency studios. Performances and events are a…
Seafood in Incheon

Samchi St

Lined with nautically themed lights, this strip of restaurants specialises in delicious and affordable grilled samchi (Spanish mackerel). Paired with a few bottles of makgeolli (milky rice wine), it makes for a fun …