Seafood in Incheon

Samchi St

Lined with nautically themed lights, this strip of restaurants specialises in delicious and affordable grilled samchi (Spanish mackerel). Paired with a few bottles of makgeolli (milky rice wine), it makes for a fun …
Korean in Incheon

Sinpo Market

Several stalls along this pair of covered arcades specialise in dakgangjeong (fried chicken in a sweet, spicy sauce). The best vendors usually have a line of locals patiently queuing for their takeaway box. Another …
Chinese in Incheon


Set back from the bedlam of Chinatown, this unassuming restaurant is the local pick for Incheon's tastiest mandu (filled dumplings), with a choice of pork or shrimp with veg, either pan-fried, steamed or boiled. Not…
Korean in Incheon

Sinpo Woori Mandoo

Feast on steamers of dumplings with fillings like pork and kimchi, along with Korean classics including bibimbap (rice, egg, meat and vegies with chilli sauce), pork cutlet and cold noodles at this cheap and cheerfu…
Chinese in Incheon


Pimp up your jajangmyeon (noodles in black bean sauce) with seafood or spice at this oriental-styled restaurant operating here since 1957. Also serves classics like sweet and sour pork and egg rolls, and complimenta…
International in Yeongjongdo

Caffe Ora

A popular sunset spot overlooking Eulwangni and Wangsan Beaches, this modernist piece of architecture could be mistaken for the evil lair of a Bond movie villain. It’s actually nothing more sinister than a pizza and…
Chinese in Deokjeokdo

Deokjeokdo Chinese Restaurant

The jajangmyeon (noodles in black bean sauce) and egg rolls at this homely shack a few steps from Beach Love pension are the real deal. There's no name inside or out, but the restaurant has plenty of cold beer.
Chinese in Incheon


Guarded by a pair of terracotta warriors, and boasting a saloon-style interior balcony, this is one of Chinatown’s fanciest restaurants. The banquet dishes here are best suited to group dining, but there's also nood…
Korean in Deokjeokdo

Island Restaurant

English is spoken at this homespun restaurant on the 2nd floor above Memoria Pension. Choose from dishes like pork cutlet, fried shrimp and spaghetti, but don't expect everything to be available.
Korean in Songdo International City


This attractive upstairs eatery is well regarded for its bulgogi and other classic Korean fare. It's part of the traditional-styled development next to the Gyeongwonjae Ambassador hotel.