Area in Heyri

Paju Book City

Contemporary architecture and original building concepts are abundant in Paju Book City, a purpose-built neighbourhood 10km south of Heyri that's home to about 250 publishing companies. Best visited on weekdays, hig…
Observatory in Heyri

Odusan Unification Observatory

This observation deck is just 2km from North Korea, permitting visitors to peer across the water into the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). There's also an exhibition hall with displays on the conflict. It's located between…
Gallery in Heyri

Gallery MOA

Designed by Korean architect Kyung Kook Woo, this award-winning modernist building was listed in the book 1001 Buildings You Must See Before You Die. The boutique gallery inside exhibits conceptual art in rotating m…
Gallery in Heyri

Blume Museum of Contemporary Art

This contemporary gallery exhibits a mix of emerging and established artists across all mediums. It's inside a postmodern building designed by Korean architect Woo Kyung Kook that incorporates a giant tree into its …
Library in Heyri

Asia Publication Culture & Information Centre

At the heart of Paju Book City, this library's highlight is the 'Forest of Wisdom', a corridor lined with towering 8m-high shelves containing 200,000 books; titles on its top shelf are accessed by crane.You can also…
Gallery in Heyri

White Block Art Centre

In the centre of the village, this is one of Heyri's larger-scale galleries with three floors showcasing contemporary art. Outside stands the blue Greeting Man sculpture.
Gallery in Heyri

Gallery SoSo

There's nothing so-so about this modernist, wood-panelled gallery building backing on to the forested hillside. The engaging exhibitions mostly feature contemporary painting by local artists-in-residence.