Bus in Jinju

Jinju Intercity Bus Terminal

On the north side of the Nam-gang. Jinju Fortress is a 20-minute walk from here.
Bus Station in Busan

Busan Intercity Bus Terminal

This intercity bus terminal is at Nopo-dong station. It's in the same building as the Busan express bus terminal.
Bus Station in Busan

Busan Central Bus Terminal

This bus-terminal building outside Nopo-dong station houses two different bus services.
Bus Station in Busan

Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal

Frequent departures to destinations in Jeolla and Gyeongsangnam-do.
Bus Stop in Jirisan National Park

Baengmu-dong Bus Stop

An intercity express bus stop near the Baengmu-dong camping ground.
Ferry in Tongyeong

Ferry Terminal

Ferries to Yeonhwado, Bijindo, Somaemuldo and more.
Bus Station in Busan

Busan Express Bus Terminal

In the same building as the intercity bus terminal.
Ferry in Busan

Coastal Ferry Terminal

Catch a ferry to Jeju-do from here.
Airport in Busan

Gimhae International Airport

Busan's international airport.
Ferry in Busan

International Passenger Terminal

Catch a boat to Japan here.