Department Store in Daegu

Hyundai Department Store

It's worth coming here at night to see the light display, but any time will do for this terrific department store – a modern, geometric architectural marvel in its own right. On the shopping front, you'll find every…
Mall in Andong


The colossal Homeplus Mall is not just the most hulking landmark in town, but an all-under-one-roof shopping bonanza, with long hours. There's a small cafe on the ground floor.
Market in Daegu


This hulking, multistorey complex has more than 4000 stalls in six sections including clothing, silk and street food. Bustling yet orderly, it’s been one of Korea’s big three markets since 1669, even if the current …
Market in Daegu


This is the heart of Daegu’s shopping district, with clothing and fashion outlets and boutiques, bustling day and night.