Top Choice Korean in Daegu


This excellent-value place serves up divine but healthy traditional Korean food over three floors, so even if it’s packed they’ll usually be able to find you a seat. Don’t hesitate to order the special rice with veg…
Top Choice Korean in Gyeongju


Definitely the most atmospheric place to eat in Gyeongju, this traditional family-run courtyard restaurant beside Tumuli-gongwon has a delicious and broad menu featuring lip-smacking dishes such as steamed octopus w…
Korean in Daegu

Geumgok Samgyetang

A local, stylish favourite in easy walking distance of the downtown markets. Order one of the three menu items: ginseng-infused chicken, barbecue chicken, or a half-order of the latter (₩6000) – all are sublime. Loo…
Korean in Daegu

Bongsan Jjim-Galbi

Located on Daegu’s famous jjim-galbi (slow-cooked beef ribs) street, this quaint restaurant has been serving spicy steamed beef for 40 years. The friendly owner, Mr Choi, speaks English and is happy to accommodate c…
Korean in Daegu


Dog or goat, which do you prefer? Try both at this delightful traditional dining room and see if Korea’s fabled stamina-producing food really works. From the main street, it’s just next to the SK petrol station – lo…
Korean in Haein-sa


Who would have imagined bus-terminal food could be this good? On the 2nd floor above the tiny terminal, this place serves tasty bibimbap (비빔밥; rice, egg, meat and vegies with chilli sauce), a good-value set menu wit…
Korean in Gyeongju

Daebak Jip

A good place to eat late, this delicious local hang-out does excellent barbecue pork and beef dishes at low prices. The service is very friendly, even if there’s no English menu or English spoken – the pictorial men…
Korean in Gyeongju

Sigol Yeohaeng

Opposite the entrance to Samneung, this 20-year-old restaurant specialises in mukun kimchi (묵은 김치), a spicy noodle-and-broth dish made with kimchi aged at least three years.
Korean in Gyeongju

Kuro Ssambap

Eclectic collection of birds, rocks, figurines, pottery and other folk arts make this a unique place to dine on this strip of otherwise rather similar ssambap restaurants just to the north of Wolseong-gongwon. Order…
Korean in Gyeongju

Sukyeong Sikdang

Since 1979, this cosy restaurant with a delightfully cluttered and rustic interior has been serving tasty pajeon (파전; green-onion pancake) made from organic ingredients and homemade dongdongju (동동주; rice wine). It’s…