Top Choice Bar in Andong

Yam Bar

This is your Andong nightlife choice with a superb range of craft menu of beer and attentive service. There's also a decent supply of food to soak up the hoppy flavours, including – if you are so inclined – fried sp…
Top Choice Bar in Daegu

Brewers Brothers

This amiable, homely and easy-going bar – with a touch of a London pub feel – delivers a terrific menu of craft beer on tap (served with a small pot of pretzels) and bottle beers, perfect for a boozy evening with ba…
Bar in Daegu

Etoh's Drafthouse

With a popular, slender terrace over the street, spacious Etoh's sports a homely atmosphere and a cracking menu of draft beer. Don't expect old banknotes or curling, sun-faded postcards pinned to the walls – this pl…
Cafe in Haein-sa

Book Tea

This fabulous cafe in a temple hall at the heart of Haein-sa is arrayed with Buddhist books on shelves. A state of zen calm presides over the neat, minimalist space, with wooden furniture and black and white temple …
Cafe in Daegu

Coffee Myungga

Part of a successful chain that has been in business in Daegu for almost three decades, this relaxing and very spacious cafe offers supreme views of Gyesan Catholic Cathedral across the way, so order up a latte and …
Cafe in Daegu

Cafe Go

Daegu may be saturated with cafes, but this one (which doubles as a tour agency) over two floors is a tranquil and enjoyable choice, run by a friendly English-speaking owner. It's down the Daegu backstreets, so you …
Cafe in Oksan

Oksan Coffee Store

A small, family-run cafe right by the Oksan Seowon bus stop. It also doubles as a convenience store, so you can stock up on drinks and munchable goodies if you want to go hiking.
Cafe in Hahoe Folk Village


This cafe at the heart of the village serves coffee and bottles of the local Andong soju firewater (from ₩6000 to ₩30,000).
Teahouse in Cheongnyangsan Provincial Park


Located at the base of Cheongnyang-sa is this pleasant teahouse, a perfect place to relax.
Club in Daegu


Five floors of hip-hop and electronic music for you and a few thousand of your closest friends.