Top Choice Korean in Icheon


On a hillside outside town, this traditional restaurant serves a wonderful assortment of courses among the paper screens, floor seating and floral-wallpapered walls. It's a treat worth the taxi ride out here – about…
Cafe in Heyri & Paju Book City

Foresta Book Cafe

Foresta's backdrop comprises a colossal floor-to-ceiling wall of books, with plenty of tables to enjoy house-roasted Ethiopian coffee, sandwiches and pizzas. The attached bookstore sells art books on Heyri.
Korean in Suwon

Yeonpo Galbi

Down the steps from Hwahongmun, this famous restaurant serves up its special Suwon version of galbitang (₩10,000) – big ribs in a seasoned broth with noodles and leeks – only served at lunch.
Cafe in Anyang

Coo Coffee Roasting House

Grab an outdoor table overlooking the river at Coo Coffee Roasting House for all-day brunch and single-origin coffees (for a premium), and jazz on Saturday evenings.
Cafe in Heyri & Paju Book City

Café Hesse

Across from the Asian Publication Culture Centre, this cafe is just the place to soak up Paju's literary vibes and work away on finishing that novel.
Noodles in Suwon


This humble restaurant, run by a friendly owner, is popular with local artists for cheap and tasty traditional Korean noodles and dumplings. It's opposite the hanok (traditional wooden home) decorated with the fish …