Amusement Park in Seoul Grand Park

Seoul Land

Keep the children happy all day at this family amusement park with five themed areas, special shows and the main attraction: thrill rides and roller coasters that spin you like a top or drop you like a stone. Everla…
Museum in Seoul Grand Park

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

The best reason for making the trip out to Seoul Grand Park is to visit this large and striking museum spread out over three floors and surrounded by a sculpture garden. The dazzling highlight is Nam June Paik’s The…
Cultural Centre in Suwon

Korean Folk Village

Showcasing traditional Korean culture, this 245-acre folk village comprises thatched and tiled traditional houses and buildings from around Korea. It takes at least half a day to wander the picturesque grounds where…
Zoo in Seoul Grand Park

Seoul Zoo

One of the largest zoos in the world, this is home to a long list of exotic creatures including the popular African ones. It has a history of breeding, including tigers and pandas, though the safety of both animals …
Tomb in Donggureung


The largest and most attractive of the World Heritage–listed royal tombs scattered around Seoul and Gyeonggi-do, Donggureung is the burial place of seven kings and 10 queens from the Joseon dynasty. Located 20km nor…
Gallery in Everland Resort

Hoam Art Museum

A free shuttle bus runs from Everland Resort’s main entrance to the Hoam Art Museum and you are well advised to take it. The serenely beautiful Hee Won traditional Korean gardens induce a calm frame of mind so that …
Observatory in The DMZ

Dora Observatory

Peer through binoculars for a closer look at Kaesong city and Kaesong Industrial Complex in the DPRK, where cheap North Korean labourers are employed by South Korean conglomerates.
Tunnel in The DMZ

Third Infiltration Tunnel

Since 1974, four tunnels have been found running under the DMZ, dug by the North Koreans so that their army could launch a surprise attack. Walking along 265m of this 73m-deep tunnel is not for the claustrophobic or…
Fortress in Suwon


The World Heritage–listed fortress wall that encloses the original town of Suwon is what brings most travellers to the city. Snaking up and down Paldal-san (143m), the fortification wall stretches a scenic 5.7km pas…
Library in Heyri & Paju Book City

Asia Publication Culture & Information Centre

Your first stop in Paju Book City should be to the Asia Publication Culture & Information Centre to pick up a walking-tour map and guide to the area. Here you can check out the 'Forest of Wisdom', a corridor lin…