Boat in Incheon

Coastal Ferry Terminal

Boats to the West Sea islands embark from here, not to be confused with the larger International Ferry Terminal building next door. Has convenience stores, a cafe and snack restaurants inside the terminal building.
Trolleybus in Suwon

Hwaseong Trolley

This motorised 54-seat trolley bus winds in and out of the Hwaseong fortress wall to the archery field at Yeonmudae.
Airport in Yeongjongdo

Incheon International Airport

Regularly ranked as one of the world's best airports, this top-class operation 52km west of Seoul was enhanced yet further in 2018 with the opening of Terminal 2 in time for the Winter Olympics.
Ferry in Incheon

Weidong Ferry Company

The only Korea–China ferry company with an English website where you can book online, this professional outfit sails from Incheon to Qingdao, Tianjin (for Beijing) and Wehai.
Ferry in Incheon

Ferry to Yeongjongdo

The short, scenic hop to Yeongjongdo by car ferry takes 15 minutes, but drops you in the south-east of the island, a long bus ride from the sights or the airport.
Train in Yeongjongdo


Free Maglev linking Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 with Paradise City Casino and other destinations.
Bus Station in Ganghwado

Ganghwa Bus Terminal

The central transport hub for getting to and around the island.
Ferry in Deokjeokdo

Ferry Wharf

The ticket office here has bilingual island maps.
Tram in Seoul Grand Park

Elephant Tram Car

Cable Car in Seoul Grand Park

Sky Lift