Department Store in Gwangju


Brand names such as Vuitton and Dior rub shoulders with an art gallery and basement food court/supermarket here. There’s also a Starbucks, the favourite haunt of local doenjangnyeo, as some Koreans might say (doenja…
Market in Gwangju


Voted Korea's best traditional market, sprawling Yangdong sells just about everything, from traditional medicines to clothing.
Food & Drinks in Gwangju


Stock up on cheap food, drinks and supplies.
Street in Gwangju

Art Street

This cobblestone road is lined with art galleries, studios and stores selling hanbok (traditional Korean clothing), hanji (handmade paper), art books, calligraphy brushes and tea sets.
Market in Gwangju

Chunggeum Underground Shopping Arcade

A sprawling underground shopping arcade running under Geumnam-ro, selling cheap, trendy clothes, beauty products, coffee and snacks.