Top things to do in Gunsan

Chinese in Gunsan


Don't be put off by the drab exterior of Korea's oldest Chinese restaurant because inside you are in for a treat. The high ceiling, ornate decor and main-room dining table create a vibe that's both kitsch and cool. …
Museum in Gunsan

Gunsan Modern History Museum

The highlight here is a reconstruction of a typical Gunsan block during the 1930s, under Japanese rule. Be sure to pick up a pamphlet, which includes a map of colonial-era buildings in the neighbourhood.
Cafe in Gunsan

Cafe Liz

A fine coffee shop with an eclectic, factory-like design that captures Gunsan's industrial character.
Bakery in Gunsan

Lee Sung Dang

It's not unusual for hungry patrons to wait an hour outside this iconic establishment famous for bread, bagels and buns filled with red bean paste (단팥빵). In the same location since 1945, it's the country's oldest ba…
Landmark in Gunsan

Lotte Cinema

A useful place to get your bearings, watch a film or escape bad weather.
Korean in Seonyudo


One of the nicer-looking restaurants near Seonyudo Beach, the main draw here is seafood and raw-fish dinners.