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Village in Damyang

Changpyeong Slow City

South Korea may have developed at a breakneck speed, but it was also the first Asian country to sign on to the international cittaslow, or 'slow city' movement. One such city – or rather, village – is Samjinae (삼지내마…
Gardens in Damyang


Sandy walking trails wend through this bamboo grove, past pavilions and film locations for Korean dramas. It's one of the area's most popular attractions and can get crowded on weekends. But if you get a quiet momen…
Korean in Damyang

Bakmulgwan Apjip

This restaurant serves Damyang's signature dish: daetongbap (대통밥) – rice and nuts cooked inside a bamboo stem – plus bamboo-shoot doenjang (fermented soybean paste) and a dozen side dishes, alongside free bamboo-lea…
Museum in Damyang

Damyang Bamboo Crafts Museum

Lightweight and durable, bamboo can be made into pretty much anything – as you'll see at this museum, which is basically a showroom for bamboo products, both traditional and modern.