Top things to do in Daejeon

Korean in Daejeon

Cheongju Haejangguk

This 24-hour soup joint is an all-around pleaser: cheap and delicious, good for both groups and solo diners. The specialty is haejangguk – known as 'hangover soup' – and there are several varieties on the menu. It's…
Korean in Daejeon

Tasty Beef Intestines

You can't say you've done Daejeon without trying gopchang, beef or pork intestines, grilled golden brown. Many people love the chewy texture of ring-shaped innards. Others say they taste like a pencil eraser. This s…
Cafe in Daejeon


The espresso is deep and complex, the interior warm and inviting, and there's an original Abbey Road LP cover just inside the door. Eun-yeong, the affable English-speaking owner, is a wealth of information about bea…
Bar in Daejeon

Ranch Pub

With 10 beers on draught, this is a favourite haunt of expats and beer lovers. The food is better than the usual pub grub. Closed Sunday.
Korean in Daejeon


Choose from a range of hearty set menus with shabu kalguksu (샤브칼국수), where you cook your own meat and noodles in a spicy mushroom and vegetable soup. More elaborate sets come with sangchussam (상추쌈), grilled meats wr…
Indian in Daejeon


Daejeon's favourite Indian joint is located in Dunsan-dong and does authentic classics, from mild palak paneer to spicy chicken vindaloo.
Bar in Daejeon

Thursday Party

Many who go to Dunsan-dong at night end up in this beer bar at some point during the evening, or early morning. It's a decent walk here from a metro station.
Bar in Daejeon

Mustang Pub

This small 2nd-floor bar with a neighbourhood-bistro vibe serves draught beers and shots. It's a popular hang-out for students who seem to prefer pizza over beer. A decent place to start your adventure in Eunhaeng-d…
Korean in Daejeon

Subuk Sikdang

This restaurant serves plenty of Korean comfort food, such as kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew), galbitang (beef-rib soup) and bibimbap (rice with vegetables, meat and egg).
Market in Daejeon

Jungang Market

Daejeon's biggest traditional market has porridge and pancake vendors, piles of kimchi and chicken feet, clothing and household goods.