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Top Choice Korean in Daegu


This excellent-value place serves up divine but healthy traditional Korean food over three floors, so even if it’s packed they’ll usually be able to find you a seat. Don’t hesitate to order the special rice with veg…
Museum in Daegu

Daegu National Museum

This excellent museum has English labelling throughout most of its collection – and what a collection. Armour, jewellery, Buddhist relics from various different eras, Confucian manuscripts, clothing and textiles are…
Museum in Daegu

Daegu Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine

An interactive museum on the upper two levels with re-creations of traditional clinics, video quizzes and many a stuffed animal – enough to even keep kids entertained. It's a visually exciting introduction to orient…
Market in Daegu

Daegu’s Herbal Medicine Market

This market, west of the central shopping district, has a history as vast as its scope. It dates from 1658, making it Korea’s oldest medicine market and still one of its largest. The stores spill onto the street wit…
Tomb in Daegu

Bullo-dong Tumuli-gongwon

If you’re already in the north end of the city, stop by Bullo-dong Tumuli-gongwon, an enormous open space covering some 330,000 sq metres. The grassy hillocks that rise like bumps across the valley are tumuli (buria…
Market in Daegu


This hulking, multistorey complex has more than 4000 stalls in six sections including clothing, silk and street food. Bustling yet orderly, it’s been one of Korea’s big three markets since 1669, even if the current …
Korean in Daegu

Bongsan Jjim-Galbi

Located on Daegu’s famous jjim-galbi (slow-cooked beef ribs) street, this quaint restaurant has been serving spicy steamed beef for 40 years. The friendly owner, Mr Choi, speaks English and is happy to accommodate c…
Market in Daegu


This is the heart of Daegu’s shopping district, with clothing and fashion outlets and boutiques, bustling day and night.
Club in Daegu


Five floors of hip-hop and electronic music for you and a few thousand of your closest friends.
Temple in Daegu


A temple in Apsan Park, southern Daegu, with a large, white standing stone Buddha.