Top Choice Korean in Gyeryongsan National Park


The best restaurant at the Donghak-sa entrance to Gyeryongsan National Park is styled after its namesake – you can't miss it. Naturally, it specialises in local mushroom dishes. For groups, there's beseot jeongol (버…
Top Choice Korean in Gongju


This restaurant serves the prettiest ssambap (assorted ingredients with rice and lettuce wraps) around, with a fragrant array of leaves and handfuls of colourful edible flowers. Solo diners can get a bibimbap (rice,…
Top Choice Korean in Boryeong

Korea's Best Seafood Hotpot

Seafood soup served in a hotpot (해물뚝배기) is the popular dish here. Boil the soup on the table burner and ladle out servings brimming with shellfish, shrimp and crab (₩22,000 for 2 people). An economical option for so…
Top Choice Korean in Buyeo

Gudurae Dolssambap

This popular restaurant with an eclectic interior serves delicious ssambap (rice and side dishes with lettuce wraps), with fragrant leaves and a whole host of options. The dolssambap (hotpot rice and lettuce wraps),…
Korean in Daejeon

Cheongju Haejangguk

This 24-hour soup joint is an all-around pleaser: cheap and delicious, good for both groups and solo diners. The specialty is haejangguk – known as 'hangover soup' – and there are several varieties on the menu. It's…
Korean in Boryeong

Grilled Shellfish

One of the busiest restaurants on the beach strip serving grilled shellfish. It's open late, so come for the seafood – typically ordered as a combination platter, or set – and stay for the sunrise.
Korean in Buyeo

House of Baekje

Enjoy the house specialties – grilled beef or pork served with ssam (lettuce wraps) and yeonnipbap (연잎밥), sticky rice steamed with pine nuts inside a lotus leaf – amidst Bruce Lee posters and video cassettes. Solo d…
Korean in Daejeon

Tasty Beef Intestines

You can't say you've done Daejeon without trying gopchang, beef or pork intestines, grilled golden brown. Many people love the chewy texture of ring-shaped innards. Others say they taste like a pencil eraser. This s…
Korean in Gongju

Marron Village

This bakery serves an outstanding piece of pastry called chestnut pie, a puff ball filled with sliced chestnut.
Korean in Geumsan


The bottles of giant ginseng near the front door may look like something from a mad scientist's lab, but they are a reminder of the house specialty: everything here is made with ginseng, and it's one of the best pla…