Cheorwon attractions

Observatory in Cheorwon

Cheorwon Peace Observatory

Located just one kilometre from the DMZ, this viewing platform has coin-operated binoculars for gazing at North Korea and its ‘propaganda village’ Seonjeon. A short drive down the road is the petite Woljeong-ri Stat…
Historic Building in Cheorwon

Former Labor Party Headquarters

After passing a few battle-scarred buildings, most tours of Cheorwon end here, at the former Labor Party (that is, Communist Party) HQ. The surviving grandiose-communist facade is evocative, but its associations are…
Tunnel in Cheorwon

Second Tunnel

Dug by North Korea in 1975, about 1km of this tunnel lies in South Korea and it’s large enough for purportedly 16,000 soldiers to stream through per hour. A 150m staircase leads down to the tunnel, then it’s a well-…