Top things to do

Museum in Cheongju

Early Printing Museum

This small museum tells you everything about the Jikji, the oldest book in the world printed with movable metal type. Unfortunately the book is not here – it’s in the National Library of France. There is however a c…
Fortress in Cheongju

Sangdang San-seong

This large fortress is 4km northeast of Cheongju, on the slopes of the mountain Uam-san. Originally built in the 1590s and renovated in the 18th century, it has walls up to 4m in height that stretch 4.2km around woo…
Shrine in Cheongju

Golden Pavilion

This intriguing and rare five-storey wooden pavilion is painted bright gold from top to bottom and was founded by the Daesun Jillihoe new religious movement. You can find it on the north side of the main east-west r…
Noodles in Cheongju


The name means 'Noodle Samurai' and the noodles here sure pack a punch. It's a popular choice and there's a handy full-colour photo menu to help you navigate through the selection, which amazingly resembles the deli…
Cultural in Cheongju

Jikji Festival

Cheongju hosts the Jikji Festival every September with a demonstration of ancient printing techniques, exhibitions of old printed books, and traditional music and drama performances.
Landmark in Cheongju

Concert Hall

A concert hall near Cheongju's Early Printing Museum.
University in Cheongju

Chungbuk National University

A university with vibrant budget eating and drinking options to its north and east.