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Korean in Byeonsan-bando National Park

Gunsan Restaurant

Like many seafood restaurants in Gyeokpo, this one is geared towards a pair of diners or groups looking forward to an incredible banquet of colours, tastes and textures presented on a table covered with a white shee…
Temple in Byeonsan-bando National Park


Compared to many temples in Jeollabuk-do, Naeso-sa is a bit underwhelming. Originally built in AD 633 and last renovated in the 19th century, its weathered structures lack the color typically found in Korean temples…
Beach in Byeonsan-bando National Park

Gyeokpo Beach

This small beach easily fills up with inflatable tubes and tents on warm weekends. Aside from swimming, the main attraction is the nearby Chaeseokgang Cliffs, a magnificent formation of layered rock that is accessib…
Beach in Byeonsan-bando National Park

Byeonsan Beach

One of the most popular beaches on the west coast, the big draws here are the 2km stretch of white sand backed by a fir-tree forest, shellfish hunting during low tide and superb summer sunsets.