Top things to do

Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Busan


This magnificent temple is Busan’s best sight. Despite its city location, Beomeo-sa is a world away from the urban jungle, with beautiful architecture set against an extraordinary mountain backdrop. Beomeo-sa can be…
Top Choice Market in Busan

Jagalchi Fish Market

Anyone with a love of seafood and a tolerance for powerful odours could easily spend an hour exploring the country’s largest fish market. Narrow lanes outside the main building teem with decades-old stalls and ricke…
Top Choice Architecture in Busan

Gamcheon Culture Village

This historically rich, mountainside slum became a famous tourist destination after getting an arty makeover in 2009 when students decided to brighten up the neighbourhood with clever touches up the stairs, down the…
Top Choice Film in Busan

Busan International Film Festival

It's all glitter, glamour and gossip in October when the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) takes centre stage. Not just about movies – 319 films from 79 countries in 2014 – the real buzz centres on which Kore…
Top Choice Desserts in Busan


No serious foodie should visit Busan without trying sulbing, a wonderfully subtle dessert invented in this city. It's a bowl of shaved frozen milk topped with soybean powder and sliced almonds. A splash of condensed…
Top Choice Wine Bar in Busan

The Comonplace

There's nothing common about this exceptional coffee and wine bar. Stylishly decorated, with an ubercool vibe, comfy sofas, friends dissecting existentialism over a glass of red wine, it's on the 1st floor of the ar…
Top Choice Teahouse in Busan


Splendid herbal teas and a warm interior make this an excellent alternative to the sterile sameness of chain coffee shops. The dark and earthy twin flower tea (쌍화차) is a speciality.
Top Choice Beach in Busan


Haeundae is the country’s most famous beach. During the peak August travel season, umbrellas mushroom across the 2km-long beach while frolickers fill the water with inner tubes rented from booths behind the beach. I…
Top Choice Seafood in Busan

Noran Mahura

This cosy restaurant, not far from a lighthouse, is where people come for a drink to watch the sunset and unexpectedly stay for the sunrise. Meals include barbecued shellfish (조개구이; jogae gui) with an amazing salsa-…
Top Choice Seafood in Busan

Jackie's Seafood

Buying a raw-fish dinner couldn't be easier thanks to Jackie, the affable owner of this seafood restaurant. He speaks fluent English and uses signboards to help customers make smart seasonal food choices. It's on th…