Top Choice Architecture in Busan

Gamcheon Culture Village

This historically rich, mountainside slum became a famous tourist destination after getting an arty makeover in 2009 when students decided to brighten up the neighbourhood with clever touches up the stairs, down the…
Mountain in Busan


A majestic mountain worthy of exploration (be sure to bring lots of water).
Buddhist Temple in Busan


This magnificent temple is Busan’s best sight. Despite its city location, Beomeo-sa is a world away from the urban jungle, with beautiful architecture set against an extraordinary mountain backdrop. Beomeo-sa can be…
Buddhist Temple in Busan


Hard to find, difficult to reach and a wonder to behold, this hermitage has Buddhist images meticulously etched into stone. Visually powerful in scale and impact, it’s the kind of work that moves visitors to exclaim…
Cinema in Busan

Busan Cinema Center

An important venue for the Busan International Film Festival, this complex plays a mix of Korean and foreign films in its smaller venues. The magnificent complex has the world's longest cantilever structure. The 127…
Cemetery in Busan

UN Cemetery

This is the only United Nations cemetery in the world and is the final resting place of 2300 men from 11 nations, including the UK, Turkey, Canada and Australia, that supported the South in the 1950–53 Korean War. T…
Park in Busan

Yongdu-san Park

Close to the shopping in Nampo-dong, this humble park is home to the 118m-high Busan Tower. If the haze is not too thick, daytime views of container-ship traffic in the harbour provide a sense of the port’s scale of…
Market in Busan

Jagalchi Fish Market

Anyone with a love of seafood and a tolerance for powerful odours could easily spend an hour exploring the country’s largest fish market. Narrow lanes outside the main building teem with decades-old stalls and ricke…
Museum in Busan

Busan Modern History Museum

The hour it takes to walk through this small museum will be time well spent. There's a surprising amount of English material documenting the history of the Busan port, the Japanese influence and the Korean War.
Museum in Busan

Busan Museum of Art

A modest gallery – hardly a must-see – but an interesting diversion on a rainy day.