Department Store in Busan

Shinsegae Centum City

The world's largest shopping complex – bigger than Macy's in New York – with everything you'd expect in a temple of commerce. There's a skating rink, indoor golf driving range, shops with seemingly every brand name …
Department Store in Busan

Lotte Department Store Centum City

Need to buy a $5000 handbag? You can probably find one at this Lotte outlet in Haeundae beside Shinsegae. Or you could try one of the other three outlets across the city in Seomyeon, Dongnae and Gwangbok-dong.
Market in Busan

Gukje Market

West of Nampo-dong, this traditional market has hundreds of small booths with a staggering selection of items, from leather goods to Korean drums.
Market in Busan

Bujeon Market

You could easily spend an hour getting lost in this enormous traditional market specialising in produce, seafood and knick-knacks.
Department Store in Busan

Lotte Department Store Dongnae

Department store in Dongnae. From the metro station, take the overhead crosswalk.
Department Store in Jinju

Galleria Department Store

This store is a 20-minute walk from the intercity bus terminal.
Department Store in Busan

Lotte Department Store Gwangbok

Branch of Korea's biggest department store in Nampo-dong.
Food & Drinks in Jinju


A convenient place to stock up on food and beverages.
Department Store in Busan

Lotte Department Store Seomyeon

The Lotte department store located in Seomyeon.
Books in Busan

Yeonggwang Bookstore

One the city's oldest bookstores, with a decent selection of English books.