Top Choice Seafood in Busan

Noran Mahura

This cosy restaurant, not far from a lighthouse, is where people come for a drink to watch the sunset and unexpectedly stay for the sunrise. Meals include barbecued shellfish (조개구이; jogae gui) with an amazing salsa-…
Top Choice Korean in Tongyeong

Ddungbo Halmae Gimbap

Hungry travellers with limited Korean skills come here because there’s no need to speak or read a menu: this place only serves chungmu gimbap (충무 김밥), a spicy squid-and-radish dish. The waitress will ask how many se…
Top Choice Italian in Jinju

Zio Ricco

With low chairs and cool music, Zio Ricco is popular with locals and expats. Pasta and pizza are the specialities – they’re decent enough and make for a nice break from Korean food, if you need one. On the 2nd floor…
Top Choice Korean in Namhaedo

Dajeong Sikdang

In Mijo this modest restaurant serves outstanding twenjang jjigae (된장찌개; soybean stew). The soft tofu with vegetables and seafood is a welcome treat for travellers who need a break from spicy food. Facing the police…
Top Choice Seafood in Busan

Jackie's Seafood

Buying a raw-fish dinner couldn't be easier thanks to Jackie, the affable owner of this seafood restaurant. He speaks fluent English and uses signboards to help customers make smart seasonal food choices. It's on th…
Top Choice Desserts in Busan


No serious foodie should visit Busan without trying sulbing, a wonderfully subtle dessert invented in this city. It's a bowl of shaved frozen milk topped with soybean powder and sliced almonds. A splash of condensed…
Korean in Busan

Dongnae Halmae Pajeon

With large wooden tables and rich earthy colours, this is one of the most attractive places to experience pajeon (파전; green onion pancakes), a classic Busan dish. From the station, walk to the first light. Cross the…
Korean in Busan

Yetnal Jjajang

A sterling example of a successful restaurant owner who won’t update the interior. According to superstition, the good fortune a successful shop enjoys can be lost if the interior were changed. Consequently, some sh…
Barbecue in Busan

Podo Cheong

It’s not the best sutbul galbi (숯불갈비; charcoal-fired barbecue) restaurant, but it is good. The main draw at this busy place is the backyard barbecue feel in the patio. Lean moksal (목살; pork chop) tastes great, thoug…
Vegetarian in Busan

Loving Hut

This cosy spot in Seomyeon serves up yummy vegetarian treats like bibimbap, soft tofu pot stew, fried noodles and homemade vegan ice cream.