Buddhist Temple in Namhaedo

Between Namhae-gun and Sangju beach, Bori-am is a busy Buddhist hermitage on Geum-san (금산; Geum Mountain, 681m) famous for brilliant sunrises and mesmerising vistas – the kind that move people to reconsider the meaning of life. The hermitage is a 30-minute drive from Namhae-gun, or catch the Bori-am shuttle bus (hourly 8am to 8pm) near the front door of the Namhae-gun bus terminal.

Getting to the mountaintop requires Buddha-like patience. The easiest way up is to take a shuttle bus from the entrance-level parking lot to the upper-level parking area (per person ₩1000). From there it's a 30-minute walk to the hermitage. Some travellers with cars forgo the shuttle bus, preferring to drive to the upper parking area. Space up top is limited, so expect to wait an hour or more if you arrive in the afternoon.