Must see attractions in South Georgia

  • Sights in South Georgia

    Whalers’ Cemetery

    Shackleton’s grave is the highlight of the whalers’ cemetery at Grytviken. ‘The Boss’ is buried at the left rear of the graveyard. On the back of the granite headstone (engraved with the nine-pointed star that Shackleton used as a personal emblem) is one of his favorite quotations, from the work of poet Robert Browning: ‘I hold that a man should strive to the uttermost for his life’s set prize.’

  • Sights in South Georgia

    South Georgia Museum

    When entering this wonderful museum, be sure to look up to see the wandering albatross mounted overhead. Unless you’re a scientist, this is the closest you’ll come to one of these magnificent birds, and their size is startling. The museum occupies the former station manager’s house, built in 1916 by the Norwegians. It’s filled with fascinating exhibits on South Georgia’s history and wildlife. The shop sells an amazing array of clothing, souvenirs and books.

  • Sights in South Georgia

    Whalers’ Church

    The restored Whalers’ Church, consecrated on Christmas Day, 1913, is a typical Norwegian church. Indeed, it was originally erected in Strømmen before being dismantled and shipped here. Inside are memorials to Grytviken’s founder, Carl Anton Larsen, and to Shackleton, whose funeral was held here. Visitors are invited to go upstairs to ring the two bells. The church has been used for a few baptisms (13 births have been registered on the island) and marriages, but it has been used most often for funerals.