Top things to do

Cafe in Bolivia

Co Café Arte

A relaxed cafe with wooden tables and repro art on the walls. The cordial owner does decent coffee, juices and a few snacks.
Cafe in Bolivia


This pleasant family-run place has a rustic vibe and serves llama steak and quinoa soup as the specialties, and plenty of vegetarian choices. It hosts an acoustic peña (folk music performance; cover B$15) nightly du…
Park in Mendoza & the Central Andes

Parque Provincial Ischigualasto

This park takes its name from the Diaguita word for land without life. Visits here are a spectacular step – or drive, as the case may be – into a world of surreal rock formations, dinosaur remains and glowing red su…
Museum in Norte Chico

Museo del Limarí

Housed in the right flank of the grand old train station building, the sparsely labeled Museo del Limarí houses a beautiful selection of ceramics, the majority of which are Diaguita, dating from around AD 1000 to AD…
Middle Eastern in Norte Chico

Club Social Arabe

This delightfully airy neocolonial restaurant with a lofty atrium and deferential waiters serves excellent Middle Eastern dishes – stuffed grape leaves, summer squash or red peppers and baklava – and equally good Ch…
Market in Norte Chico

Feria Modelo de Ovalle

The town’s enormous market is a hive of activity bursting with scores of different fruit and veggies.
Bar in Norte Chico

El Quijote

This musty, character-rich bar has its walls smothered with pictures of Latin American literary and leftist heroes. Also serves up OK meals.
Wildlife Reserve in Coastal Patagonia

Área Natural Protegida Punta Tombo

Continental South America’s largest penguin nesting ground, Punta Tombo has a colony of more than half a million Magellanic penguins and attracts many other birds, most notably king and rock cormorants, giant petrel…
Wildlife Reserve in Coastal Patagonia

Cabo Dos Bahías

Thirty rough kilometers southeast of Camarones, the isolated Cabo Dos Bahías rookery attracts far fewer visitors than Punta Tombo, making it an excellent alternative. You’ll be rewarded with orcas, a huge colony of …
Park in Coastal Patagonia

Monumento Natural Bosques Petrificados

During Jurassic times, 150 million years ago, this area enjoyed a humid, temperate climate with flourishing forests, but intense volcanic activity buried them in ash. Erosion later exposed the mineralized Proaraucar…