Top Choice Indian in Santa Cruz

Taj Mahal

Hallelujah! It’s pretty hard to find an Indian restaurant in South America, and even harder to find a good one, but this upmarket curry house is a cut above the rest. Bangladeshi-owned (despite the Taj Mahal images …
Top Choice Indian in Georgetown


For more than a half century, Shanta's has been filling Georgetown's bellies with the best roti, curries and chokas (roasted vegetables) this side of India. It's unbelievably inexpensive considering how delicious th…
Indian in Quito

Chandani Tandoori

Bouncy Bollywood music and sizzling platters of tikka masala make up the soundtrack to this good, inexpensive and unadorned Indian restaurant. Choose from two-dozen preparations of meat and vegetable dishes.
Indian in Belém

Govinda Belem

Dishes here are Indian-ish (samosas, dahl, etc) with tell-tale signs you're still in Brazil (farofa, jambu) but still perfectly tasty and fully vegetarian – a welcome change from typical Brazilian fare and drawing a…
Indian in Curitiba


Hankering for a fiery curry? This upscale Indian restaurant in Batel is easily Brazil's (and maybe South America's) best. The Indian owner, manager and kitchen staff are not afraid to light you up if you beg for "In…
Indian in Cuzco

Korma Sutra

If you are craving spice, this London-style curry house will do the trick, with its garlicky naan, lassies and a variety of creamy kormas and curries. It’s relaxing in the evening, with low-lit violet walls and cush…
Indian in Avenida Paulista, Jardins & Around


Brazil’s first Indian fast-food joint, this simple-with-a-dash-of-style spot serves up good and cheap curries, kathi rolls and masala dosa amid Augusta's bustle.
Indian in Paramaribo

Carili Roti

Small roti shop that beats the chains in town for both taste and price.