Accessible Travel

In general, South America is not well set up for travelers with disabilities, but the more modernized Southern Cone countries are slightly more accommodating – notably Chile, Argentina and the bigger cities of Brazil. Unfortunately, cheap local lodgings probably won't be well equipped to deal with physically challenged travelers; air travel will be more feasible than local buses (although this isn't impossible); and well-developed tourist attractions will be more accessible than off-the-beaten-track destinations. Start your research here:

Access-able Travel Source ( Offers little information specifically on South America, but provides some good general travel advice.

Emerging Horizons ( Features well-written articles and regular columns full of handy advice.

Mobility International ( This US-based outfit advises travelers with disabilities and runs educational-exchange programs – a good way to visit South America.

Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation ( Good resource for travelers from the UK.

Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality ( Good, general travel information; based in the USA.