Top things to do in Zululand

Cultural in Zululand

King Shaka Day Celebration

On 24 September, as a part of the larger nationwide Heritage Day celebration, thousands of Zulus converge on KwaDukuza (Stanger) for the King Shaka Day Celebration. The annual event, attended by the current Zulu kin…
Park in Zululand

Ithala Game Reserve

Although it's not as well known as other reserves in the province, a trip to Ithala should be on the itinerary of anyone who is looking for spectacular views. There is a nice selection of wildlife to view (the reser…
Museum in Eshowe

Fort Nongqayi Museum Village

Based around three-turreted Fort Nongqayi, the museum village also includes the Zululand Historical Museum, with artefacts and Victoriana; the excellent Vukani Museum with its Zulu basketry collection; and a mission…
Park in Mtunzini

Raffia Palm Monument

Raphia Australis palms were first planted here in 1916 from seeds. The idea was to use the palm fibres to make brooms for the prison service, but, as the fibres were too short, the commercial enterprise soon ended. …
Forest in Eshowe

Dlinza Forest Reserve

When war approached, King Shaka is said to have hidden his wives in the thick swath of forest that now makes up this 2-sq-km reserve. There is prolific birdlife – look out for crowned eagles (Stephanoaetus coronatus…
Cultural in Zululand

Reed Dance

Every year thousands of bare-breasted Zulu ‘maidens’ gather before their king, honouring the ancient tradition of the Reed Dance. In days long past, the king would select a new bride from among the beautiful throng.…
Cultural in Zululand

Shembe Festival

During October more than 30,000 Zulus gather at Judea, 15km east of Eshowe, to celebrate the Shembe, the Church of the Holy Nazareth Baptists – an unofficial religion that manages to combine Zulu traditions with Chr…
Nature Reserve in Mtunzini

Umlalazi Nature Reserve

This reserve has walking trails through the pretty dune and forest ecosystems and is great for birders. Visit the Indaba Tree, where John Dunn held his court gatherings, and the remains of John Dunn’s Pool, which he…
Monument in Ulundi

Spirit of Emakhosini Monument

This monument comprises a massive bronze Zulu beer pot, surrounded by 18 bronze reliefs depicting Zulu life, and seven large horns symbolising the seven kings buried in the valley. Guides will explain the site’s sig…
International in Eshowe

Adam’s Outpost

Find refuge in the garden cafe and cosy, corrugated-iron restaurant, complete with real fireplaces and candles – easily the standout in Eshowe’s culinary roll call. Try a chicken mango salad or beef curry for lunch.