Top ChoiceObservatory in Sutherland

South African Astronomical Observatory

During the day you can take a guided tour of the huge research telescopes, including the Southern African Large Telescope, but it's the two-hour night tours that are the real draw. After a short video, you head...

Top ChoiceSouth African in Sutherland

Cluster d'Hote

Based in one of the town's oldest houses, Sutherland's best restaurant is cosy, tiny and very popular, so bookings are essential. The menu – like others hereabouts – has a meaty focus, particularly Karoo lamb.

South African in Sutherland

Perlman House

A long-running restaurant with a central fireplace and a mostly meaty menu. Go for the Karoo lamb chops: the Roggeveld vegetation chomped by the sheep gives the meat a distinctive taste.