South African rand (R)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than R1000

  • Hostel dorm bed: from R160
  • Budget main dish (cheaper areas): less than R75
  • Two-week hop-on, hop-off Baz Bus pass: R4100
  • Free entry to some museums

Midrange: R1000–2500

  • Double room: R700-4000
  • Midrange main dish: R75-200
  • Jo'burg–Cape Town tourist-class train: R690
  • Single-room supplements common, usually 30–40%

Top end: More than R2500

  • Double room (more expensive areas): over R4000
  • Top-end main dish (more expensive areas): over R200
  • Pretoria–Cape Town Blue Train: R20,280
  • Cape Town–Jo'burg flight: from R1000
  • Wildlife drive: from R500


Haggling is common in African craft markets; in most other instances you’re expected to pay the stated price.


Payment by credit card is possible just about everywhere, including camp shops and restaurants. Only Skukuza and Letaba have ATMs that take international cards, but cards are accepted almost everywhere.

There are ‘mini-ATMs’ at rest-camp stores, but they only accept local cards, and withdrawals are limited to R800 (or less, depending on cash availability in the store till).

First National Bank At Skukuza Rest Camp, just inside the main gate.