Nieu Bethesda attractions

Historic Building in Nieu Bethesda

Owl House

The idiosyncratic vision that inspired artist Helen Martins (1897–1976) to turn her home and studio into a singular work of outsider art is the bedrock of Bethesda's bohemian identity. Martins and her assistant Koos…
Museum in Nieu Bethesda

Kitching Fossil Exploration Centre

The models and fossil casts here depict prehistoric animals (gorgonopsians, dicynodonts and the like) around 253 million years old – 50 million years before the age of dinosaurs. Staff will take you to see the real …
Gallery in Nieu Bethesda

Bethesda Arts Centre

This community arts centre exhibits huge tapestries made locally. Julia Malgas, the granddaughter of Helen Martins's assistant Koos, or another artist can explain the myths and beliefs of the San people portrayed in…