Top things to do in Mokopane

Cave in Mokopane

Makapan’s Caves

While not visually arresting, this National Heritage Site carries great palaeontological significance – artefacts from throughout the Stone and Iron Ages have been unearthed here. In the Historic Cave, chief Makapan…
Wildlife Reserve in Mokopane

Game Breeding Centre

This 13-sq-km reserve on Rte 101 is a breeding centre for the National Zoo in Pretoria and has a wide variety of native and exotic animals, including gibbons, wild dogs, giraffes and lions. You can drive through the…
Pub Food in Mokopane

La Bamba Restaurant & Sports Bar

This plain, tiled-floor pub – with rugby or cricket usually on the box – is a good place to fuel up on burgers, schnitzels and steaks. It also has a salad bar.
Museum in Mokopane

Arend Dieperink Museum

At the back of the tourism association, this museum recounts local history, with a focus on the town’s development after Voortrekkers founded it in 1852.