Top things to do in Lydenburg (Mashishing)

Museum in Lydenburg (Mashishing)

Lydenburg Museum

The town museum is well worth a stop, going back to the Pedi, who arrived here in the 18th century, and the Voortrekkers, who founded the town the following century. Exhibits include Pedi clothing, Voortrekker weapo…
Nature Reserve in Lydenburg (Mashishing)

Gustav Klingbiel Nature Reserve

Gustav Klingbiel is 20 sq km of prime birdwatching territory, and you might spot zebras, giraffes, jackals, servals, warthogs and numerous antelope from blesboks to kudus. At the gate, pick up a map of the 2.5km to …
Craft Beer in Lydenburg (Mashishing)

Hops Hollow

As you climb the Long Tom Pass 22km east of Lydenburg (Mashishing), stop at Africa's highest brewery, which makes light, 4% beers – but you'll still need a designated driver to navigate the serpentine bends afterwar…