Ladysmith attractions

Museum in Ladysmith

Siege Museum

This museum, next to the town hall in the old Market House (built 1884), which was used to store rations during the Anglo-Boer War siege, may be small but it's full to bursting with lovingly curated exhibits. It has…
Monument in Ladysmith

Long Tom

A replica of Long Tom, a Boer gun capable of heaving a shell 10km, is near the town hall. Long Tom was put out of action by a British raiding party during the Anglo-Boer War siege, but not before it had caused a gre…
Notable Building in Ladysmith


Opposite Settlers Dr is a wall with loopholes from the original fort, built as a refuge from Zulu attack and now part of the police station.
Monument in Ladysmith

Castor & Pollux

Outside the town hall are two guns, Castor and Pollux, used by the British in defence of Ladysmith.