• South Africa is one of the best destinations on the continent for travellers with disabilities, with an ever-expanding network of facilities catering to those who are mobility or visually impaired.
  • We've noted establishments and destinations with facilities and access for travellers with disabilities.
  • Several gardens and nature reserves have Braille trails for the visually impaired.
  • Boardwalks for wheelchair access are found at many parks and attractions, and some can organise activities for travellers with disabilities.
  • Hand-controlled vehicles can be hired at major car-rental agencies.
  • Download Lonely Planet's free Accessible Travel guides from http://lptravel.to/AccessibleTravel.


Brand South Africa (www.brandsouthafrica.com) Has an overview of facilities and links to tour operators and local organisations.

Cape Town Tourism (www.capetown.travel) List of wheelchair-friendly activities in the Mother City. Search for 'wheelchair' on the homepage.

Disabled Travel (www.disabledtravel.co.za) South Africa–wide recommendations of accommodation, restaurants and services from an occupational therapist.

Linx Africa (www.linx.co.za/trails/lists/disalist.html) Lists accessible nature trails.

National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa Local information.

QuadPara Association of South Africa (www.qasa.co.za) Has wheelchairs for beach use in Durban and the KwaZulu-Natal south coast.

Safari Guide Africa (www.safariguideafrica.com) Beginner's guide to safaris for travellers with disabilities. Search for 'disabled' on the homepage and look under 'pages and posts found'.

SANParks (www.sanparks.org) Has a detailed and inspirational overview of accommodation and accessibility for blind, deaf and mobility-impaired travellers at its parks, including Kruger. Available to download as a PDF or app. On the homepage (bottom left), look for 'People With Disabilities' under 'Special Groups'.

Sponge Project (http://thespongeproject.yolasite.com) SMS information service for people with disabilities.


Access 2 Africa Safaris (www.access2africasafaris.com) Tours including Kruger and Swaziland.

Enabled Online Travel (www.enabled-travel.com) Tours including Cape Town and the Garden Route.

Endeavour Safaris (www.endeavour-safaris.com) Southern Africa safaris.

Epic Enabled (www.epic-enabled.com) Offers accommodation and tours, including Kruger safaris.

Flamingo Tours (www.flamingotours.co.za) Tours around Cape Town, along the Garden Route and elsewhere.

RollingSA (www.rollingsa.co.za) Tours include a nine-day safari covering Kruger.

Travel with Renè (www.travelwithrene.co.za) Quadriplegic Renè Moses offers South African tours, including a whale-watching trip.