Grahamstown attractions

Museum in Grahamstown

Albany History Museum

This great museum details the history and art of the peoples of the Eastern Cape, including the Xhosa and 1820 Settlers, with some beautiful beadwork and embroidery on display.
Historic Site in Grahamstown

Church Square

Grand colonial edifices, university buildings, the 19th-century Anglican cathedral and colourful Victorian and Edwardian shopfronts all overlook this square. Good examples of the latter are the Grocott’s Mail buildi…
Historic Building in Grahamstown

Birch’s Gentlemen’s Outfitters

Birch’s is one of a number of historic shopfronts overlooking Church Sq. It has a marvellously old-fashioned ‘slider’ (a pulley system that sends money and change across the ceiling to and from the central till) and…
Museum in Grahamstown

International Library of African Music

There are 200 or so instruments to examine here – you can listen to field recordings and try to emulate what you’ve heard on nyanga (pan) pipes from Mozambique, a kora (stringed instrument) from Southern Africa or a…
Museum in Grahamstown

National English Literary Museum

Housed in a snazzy building on the outskirts of town, this museum contains South African manuscripts, first editions and works dating back to 1797, with all the famous South African writers represented. It also hous…
Monument in Grahamstown

1820 Settlers National Monument

This monument to the hardy British settlers and their contributions to South Africa has stupendous views of the surrounding countryside, and contains artworks and a large theatre.
Museum in Grahamstown

Albany Natural Science Museum

Covers a mishmash of subjects, from early human history to astronomy. The collection includes some impressive taxidermy and skeletons.
Historic Building in Grahamstown

Grocott’s Mail

Grocott’s Mail is one of Grahamstown's best examples of a preserved historic shopfront. It still houses a working newspaper office.
Museum in Grahamstown

South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity

The second coelacanth (a marine fish with limblike pectoral fins) ever caught is exhibited here; until 1938 this primitive fish was thought to have been extinct. That's the only notable thing about this museum.