Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Southern Suburbs

Montebello Design Centre

This development project has helped several great craftspeople and designers along the way. In the leafy compound, artists' studios are scattered around the central craft shop, where you can buy a range of gifts, fr…
Arts & Crafts in Southern Suburbs

Kirstenbosch Craft Market

There's lots to choose from at this large monthly craft market spread across the commons outside Kirstenbosch. It’s possible to use a credit card to pay for most purchases: payments are made in one of the stone cott…
Fashion & Accessories in Southern Suburbs

Balu Legacy Boutique

Balu Nivison's designs using original print fabrics are temptingly displayed in this chic boutique in one of the heritage cottages behind Cavendish Square mall. There's a cafe and juice bar here, too, as well as jew…
Mall in Southern Suburbs

Cavendish Square

The focal point of Claremont's shopping scene, this top-class mall has outlets of many local and international fashion designers, as well as supermarkets, department stores, restaurants and a Ster-Kinekor multiplex …
Fashion & Accessories in Southern Suburbs


Standing for 'Young Designers Emporium', this place is all a bit of a jumble, but you’ll most likely find something reasonably inexpensive to suit among the clothes and accessories, created for both sexes by South A…
Ceramics in Southern Suburbs

Rondebosch Potters Market

If you’re interested in local ceramics, the date to mark in your diary is the twice-yearly Rondebosch Potters Market, held from 8am to 2pm on the second-to-last Saturdays of March and November.
Shopping Centre in Southern Suburbs

Constantia Village

Constantia's main shopping hub covers all the basics and more, with a couple of major supermarkets and many other stores, including an Exclusive Books bookshop and numerous fashion retailers.
Cheese in Southern Suburbs

Culture Club Cheese

The popular local cheesemonger has moved to the revamped Josephine Mill in the suburbs. The shop is due to relaunch later this year, but until then you can buy by appointment.
Food & Drinks in Southern Suburbs


A well-stocked and convenient branch of South Africa's excellent supermarket chain, where you can buy quality food and wine (but not beer).
Fashion & Accessories in Southern Suburbs

The Space

Celebrating individual style, this groovy boutique in the bowels of Cavendish Square mall stocks creative local fashion and accessories, as well as fun gift items.