Top things to do

Top Choice International in Bloemfontein

Seven on Kellner

Set in an old house with inside and outside dining options, Seven on Kellner offers an informal, intimate atmosphere. Poultry, meat and seafood dishes are delicately prepared with expert hands along a Middle Eastern…
Bar in Bloemfontein

Barba’s Café

A self-professed party house, Barba's opens late, has DJs and occasional bands, and the wildest, most insane party nights this side of the Drakensberg. Earlier in the evening an extensive cocktail list makes it more…
Lounge in Bloemfontein

Oolong Lounge

This stylish little number attracts a movers-and-shakers young crowd, who move it and shake it amid the slick and shiny super-mod interior.
Museum in Bloemfontein

Anglo-Boer War Museum

Behind the National Women’s Memorial, the Anglo-Boer War Museum has some interesting displays, including photos from concentration camps set up not only in South Africa but also in Bermuda, India and Portugal. Apart…
Wildlife Reserve in Bloemfontein

Franklin Game Reserve

Atop Naval hill, the Franklin Game Reserve is a great place for a walk.
Park in Bloemfontein

Naval Hill

This was the site of the British naval-gun emplacements during the Anglo-Boer War. Carved on the eastern side of the hill is a large white horse (akin to a Wiltshire horse) that served as a landmark for British cava…
Gallery in Bloemfontein

Oliewenhuis Art Museum

One of South Africa’s most striking art galleries, the Oliewenhuis Art Museum occupies an exquisite 1935 mansion set in beautiful gardens. An imaginative and poignant contemporary photographic exhibition gives a goo…
Gardens in Bloemfontein

Orchid House

This glasshouse has a beautiful collection of flowers and some dazzling orchids. The park outside is an ideal place to take the kids for a picnic.
Museum in Bloemfontein

National Museum

A great recreation of a 19th-century street, complete with sound effects, is the most interesting display at this museum. It also has a shop and a cafe.
Italian in Bloemfontein

Bella Casa Trattoria

This efficient Italian trattoria serves lots of pasta choices along with pizzas and salads. It’s a cheerful, family-friendly place with a cosy indoors and ample courtyard seating at tables covered with blue chequere…