Bloemfontein restaurants

Top Choice International in Bloemfontein

Seven on Kellner

Set in an old house with inside and outside dining options, Seven on Kellner offers an informal, intimate atmosphere. Poultry, meat and seafood dishes are delicately prepared with expert hands along a Middle Eastern…
Steak in Bloemfontein

New York

Locals love this upmarket steakhouse, with its decor invoking 1920s New York, for special occasions. The menu features seafood, chicken and burgers, but it's the saucy steaks that steal the show. There are a couple …
Cafe in Bloemfontein

Euro Caffe

Inexplicably tucked into the Mimosa Mall, this delicious restaurant offers an enormous (and ambitious) menu and some of the friendliest service in Bloemfontein. Choose from healthy, fresh salads, piping-hot pizza an…
Italian in Bloemfontein

Bella Casa Trattoria

This efficient Italian trattoria serves lots of pasta choices along with pizzas and salads. It’s a cheerful, family-friendly place with a cosy indoors and ample courtyard seating at tables covered with blue chequere…
Steak in Bloemfontein

Longhorn Grill

No relation to the US-based chain (that's LongHorn Steakhouse!), but this delicious other steakhouse is packed nearly every night, as the beef cuts are award-winning and the atmosphere is posh. The flavourful rump s…
Cafe in Bloemfontein


A cool place with a great outlook over the water, perfect for a long, lazy chill-out. The food is excellent – especially the salads and sandwiches. Enjoy the fresh bread, quality ingredients and homemade touches suc…
Italian in Bloemfontein


With a covered terrace and heavy leather chairs, this stylish place serves more than just pizza and pasta (although it does those too, and does them well). The lamb loin chops are delicious, and there's a good range…
Latin American in Bloemfontein


This is a self-described ‘Latino social cafe’ that is a popular and sophisticated spot in the heart of the 2nd Ave scene. The lengthy food menu offers lots of chicken and beef dishes with Cuban sauces; although, if …
Portuguese in Bloemfontein


The Portuguese-inspired cuisine here will appeal to both meat lovers and seafood aficionados. Outside tables are right on the water's edge.