Top things to do in Bela-Bela

Wildlife Reserve in Bela-Bela


This private rehabilitation centre, the work of Silke von Eynern and established in 2003, is a testament to persistence. After her husband's death in 1997, she set up this facility, which, after many false starts, n…
International in Bela-Bela

Toeka se Dae

Pull up a chair fashioned from old tyres, number plates or tin baths and admire the inimitably quirky decor at this farm stall 15km out of town. Lunches are nothing spectacular – a familiar menu of burgers, toasted …
Farm in Bela-Bela

Thaba Kwena Crocodile Farm

This farm is home to more than 10,000 crocodiles, each reaching up to 5.5m in length. The beasts are bred for their skin and meat, which is exported worldwide. It’s just north of De Draai Gastehuis, 4km from Rte 101…