Top things to do in Somaliland

Top Choice Yemeni in Hargeisa


You’ll leave this excellent restaurant, specialising in Yemeni dishes, as full as an egg, and whatever you opt for is certain to tickle your taste buds in just the right way. The mendi (lamb) and hanid mutton or goa…
Top Choice Cafeteria in Hargeisa

Kulan Art Cafe

Ease into low gear sinking a fruit juice or a Somali tea at this atmospheric lounge bar owned by Kulan, a fashion designer whose shop is just across the street. It’s genteel and civilised, and a popular hang-out for…
Top Choice Somali in Hargeisa

Summer Time Restaurant

This trendy (for Hargeisa) outfit was the flavour of the month at the time of writing. It gets kudos for its expansive menu (written in English) that will satisfy even the pickiest eater. You can have omelettes, cor…
Top Choice Somali in Burao

Shamaxle Restaurant

The location, in a leafy compound right by the Todgheer River, is top-notch. And the juicy hanid (roast lamb) will have your taste buds leaping for joy.
in Las Geel

Las Geel

Las Geel is undisputably Somaliland's pièce de résistance. Hundreds of magnificent neolithic rock art paintings in perfect condition adorn the walls of several interconnected caves and shelters. Some paint…
Market in Hargeisa

Central Market

Hargeisa’s centrepiece, the expansive central market is a wonderful (and largely hassle-free) place to experience a typical Somali market. Its lanes hide everything from perfume to household objects, electronic good…
Market in Hargeisa

Livestock Market

An essential part of the Hargeisa experience is the livestock market, which lies on the southeastern outskirts of town. Hundreds of goats, sheep and camels are brought here every day, and it’s a fascinating place to…
Somali in Hargeisa

Dalxiis Restaurant

The Dalxiis is an enticing ‘park restaurant’, with a garden-like setting. Get your fingers dirty experimenting with the wide range of Somali dishes, including geel hanid (roast camel), basmati rice, goat and grilled…
Seafood in Berbera

Al Xayaat Restaurant & Fish House

Lap up a reviving fruit juice and scoff a grilled fish at this colourful eatery overlooking the bay, and you’ll leave with a smile on your face. While eating you’ll be surrounded by a menagerie of cats, crows and se…
Mosque in Hargeisa

Jama Mosque

East of the market area, the modern Jama Mosque hosts Hargeisa’s main Friday prayers around noon, attracting hundreds of worshippers – it is an amazing sight. Though not permitted to enter the mosque, you can admire…