Somaliland in detail

Money and Costs

Daily Costs

  • Budget hotel room: US$10
  • Local-style meal: US$2
  • 4WD hire per day: US$150
  • Police escort per day: US$20


Somaliland shilling (SISh); US dollars (US$)


  • Somaliland’s currency is the Somaliland shilling (SISh). There are bills of SISh500 and SISh1000.
  • Your best bet is to carry considerable amounts of US dollars (vastly preferable to euros) that can be exchanged for shillings in hotels, shops and bureaux de change; payment in US dollars is accepted everywhere. Bring a good stash of smaller denomination bills.
  • At the time of writing one ATM was being installed in Hargeisa, and there were plans to introduce more ATMs in the city. Don’t get too excited, though – there’s no guarantee that they will work with foreign credit cards; check while in Hargeisa.
  • There’s no chance of changing your travellers cheques.
  • If you need to wire money, you’ll find Dahabshiil, Western Union and WorldRemit offices in Hargeisa.

Exchange Rates

Australia A$1 US$1.04
Canada C$1 US$0.99
Euro Zone €1 US$1.36
Japan ¥100 US$1.10
New Zealand NZ$1 US$0.84
UK UK£1 US$1.58

US$1 = SISh6500

For current exchange rates see