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Top Choice Island in Around West New Georgia

Skull Island

A 30-minute boat ride from Munda, this tiny islet on Vonavona Lagoon is the final resting place for the skulls of countless vanquished warriors, as well as a shrine for the skulls of Rendovan chiefs. They date from …
International in Gizo


What a sensational setting! The dining room is on a pier that hovers over the turquoise waters of Vonavona Lagoon – it can't get more mellow than this. The choice is limited but the food is fresh and tasty. Good coc…
Museum in Munda

Peter Joseph WWII Museum

History buffs should consider this excellent private ‘museum’ of WWII relics. Run by knowledgeable Alphy Barney Paulson, it features lots of utensils, ammunition, machine guns, shells, crockery, helmets, shavers and…
International in Gizo

SB Bar

In a sublime location overlooking the turquoise lagoon, Sanbis Resort’s overwater restaurant is an atmospheric place to sample a well-executed pizza, a burger or a plate of grilled fish at lunchtime. Call the recept…
Market in Gizo


Villagers from neighbouring islands arrive each morning by boat to occupy their little stands under the shade of tall trees. Stock up on fruit and vegetables, as well as fresh fish and delicious buns and scones. It’…
Cafeteria in Munda

Leaf Haus Cafe

Located right on the main street, Leaf Haus Cafe is a handy spot for a cheap, uncomplicated, walk-in bite – think chilli chicken, fish and chips or toasted sandwiches. Keep your fluids up with a zesty milkshake (S$3…
Seafood in Gizo

PT 109

Named after John F Kennedy’s WWII patrol boat that sank off Gizo, and situated in a great waterfront location, this place has a relaxed vibe. A blackboard displays a few simple dishes, such as fish and chips or burg…
Seafood in Gizo

Gizo Waterfront

There aren't too many options at this Gilbertese-run eatery, but the daily specials are well prepared and won't blow your budget. Best of all, the open-air dining room overlooks the water.
Historic Site in Islands Around Ghizo

Vila Point

WWII Japanese relics are scattered around the island. Vila Point was an important WWII Japanese base and you can still see guns in the bush.
Historic Site in Around West New Georgia

Baeroko Bay

The Japanese garrison stationed in Baeroko Bay held the besieging US forces off for five weeks before finally being overwhelmed in August 1943. A silent reminder of this period is the Casi Maru, a sunken Japanese fr…