Forget what travelling the Pacific used to be like – around the Solomon Islands it's still that way. These islands are laid-back, welcoming and often surprisingly untouched. From WWII relics scattered in the jungle to leaf-hut villages where traditional culture is alive, there’s so much on offer. Then there’s the visual appeal, with scenery reminiscent of a Discovery Channel documentary: volcanic islands, croc-infested mangroves, huge lagoons, tropical islets and emerald forests.

Don’t expect white-sand beaches and ritzy resorts. With only a smattering of traditional guesthouses and comfortable hideaways, it’s tailor-made for ecotourists. For outdoorsy types, lots of action-packed experiences await: climb an extinct volcano, surf uncrowded waves, snorkel pristine reefs or kayak across a lagoon. Beneath the ocean’s surface, awesome WWII wrecks and dizzying drop-offs will enthrall divers. The best part is, there’ll be no crowds to mar the experience.

Daily Costs

  • Twin room in a resort S$1200
  • Two-course evening meal S$180
  • Ticket Honiara–Gizo (one-way) S$1380
  • Two-tank dive S$1300



  • Solomon Islands Visitor Bureau Official tourism site with oodles of information about activities, accommodation and services.
  • Welkam Solomons Packed with loads of useful information about hotels, cultural sites, transport, history and activities.
  • Solomons Travel Portal Has a wealth of information on accommodation, with online bookings, as well as other practical information for visitors.

When to Go

Dec–Mar Intervals of calm weather broken by storms, making for good reef breaks and diving.

Jun–Sep High season's mild weather (but rough seas) is good for hiking, less ideal for diving.

Apr–May & Oct–Nov The shoulder seasons are relatively dry and aren’t a bad time to visit.