Diving & Snorkelling

Marovo Lagoon offers plenty of exhilarating dives for both experts and novices. Here’s the menu: channels, caves, drop-offs, coral gardens, clouds of technicolour fish and a few wrecks thrown in for good measure. A few iconic sites include Uepi Point, General Store and Lumalihe Passage.

With dozens of lovely sites scattered throughout the lagoon, snorkelling is equally impressive. Lodges can organise lagoon tours and snorkelling trips, which cost anything from S$100 to S$300 per person depending on distance and duration. Bring your own gear.


Diving is king in Marovo, but sea kayaking can be very rewarding too.


If you’ve got itchy feet, don’t forget your walking shoes. Consider scaling Mt Mariu (887m) on Gatokae (two days), climbing the hill that lords over Chea village on Marovo Island (two hours) or tackling Mt Reku (520m) on Vangunu (half a day).