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the Rest

If, after visiting Guadalcanal, Malaita, Central and Western Provinces, you still feel the urge for more off-the-beaten-track adventures, and if time is really no object, consider travelling to the other provinces.

  • Shortland Islands Like Choiseul, the Shortland Islands are culturally closer to Bougainville in PNG, which lies only 9km to the north.
  • Choiseul One of the least-visited provinces in the Solomons, Choiseul has two airfields, on Taro Island and in Kagau.
  • Isabel This province is a castaway’s dream come true, especially if you can make it to the Arnarvon Islands, off the northwestern tip of Isabel. It's a conservation area and one of the world's largest nesting grounds for the hawksbill turtle. There's one basic guesthouse run by the rangers. Trips to Arnarvon Islands can be arranged through Nature Conservancy in Honiara. On Isabel, Papatura Island Retreat offers snorkelling, fishing and surfing outings. The gateways to Isabel are Buala and Suavanao.
  • Rennell & Bellona Both islands are Polynesia outliers, sharing similar languages and cultures. Geologically they’re both rocky, uplifted-coral atolls. Rennell has Lake Te'Nggano, the South Pacific's largest expanse of fresh water.
  • Makira-Ulawa An untouched world only one hour from Honiara. Kirakira is the main gateway. Sensational surfing off Star Harbour.
  • Temotu Temotu Province lies at the Solomons’ most easterly point. Lata, the provincial capital, on Santa Cruz Island, is the main launching pad for outlying islands, such as Reef Islands, Utupua and Vanikoro. One guesthouse on Pigeon Island (Reef Islands) is Ngarando Faraway Resort, a two- to three-hour boat ride from Lata.