Diving & Snorkelling

Most dive sites are less than a 20-minute boat ride from Gizo and include wrecks and reef dives that are suitable for all levels. A mere 15 minutes away north of Gizo, the Toa Maru is the best wreck dive around. There's fabulous snorkelling off Kennedy Island, just off Fatboys. Arrange a boat transfer to Fatboys, hire snorkelling gear at the resort and snorkel to your heart’s content. To the southeast of Kennedy Island, there's also a small Hellcat lying on a sandy floor in 9m. It's a fun dive that's usually combined with Secret Spot or Joe's Wall, two first-class dive sites famous for their schooling fish and atmospheric seascapes.

Swimming & Surfing

The main road out of Gizo skirts the shore to Saeraghi at the island’s northwestern end, which has lovely beaches. There’s excellent point surfing off Pailongge, on Ghizo’s southern coast. The October-to-April swell rises to 2m or more. There’s a great left-hander near Titiana village, with a long paddle out to the reef’s edge, and a right at Pailongge. To get to these spots, take a taxi from Gizo (S$200–300 depending on distance). Bring your own board.