Top Choice Beach in West of Honiara


About 12km west from Honiara, Bonegi is music to the ears of divers, snorkellers and sunbathers. Two large Japanese freighters sank just offshore on the night of 13 November 1942, and make for a magnificent playgrou…
Top Choice Market in Honiara

Central Market

While Honiara won't be mistaken for Lagos, the country’s bubbling principal food market covers a whole block between Mendana Ave and the seafront. It has a huge selection of fresh produce, especially fruits and vege…
Top Choice Museum in West of Honiara

Vilu War Museum

About 25km from Honiara, a turn to the south from the coastal road brings you to this great open-air museum. Here there are US, Japanese, Australian, Fijian and New Zealand memorials, four large Japanese field guns …
Top Choice Island in Around West New Georgia

Skull Island

A 30-minute boat ride from Munda, this tiny islet on Vonavona Lagoon is the final resting place for the skulls of countless vanquished warriors, as well as a shrine for the skulls of Rendovan chiefs. They date from …
Top Choice Historic Site in Honiara

US War Memorial

This superb memorial is a five-minute taxi ride from the centre. The well-maintained compound has marble slabs bearing detailed descriptions of battles fought during the Guadalcanal campaign. It was unveiled on 7 Au…
Top Choice Historic Site in East of Honiara

WWII Museum

A few metres before reaching the shore of Tetere Beach, a dirt track to the west leads to 30 or more abandoned amtracks (amphibious troop carriers). Many of these rusty relics are shielded by prickly thorns, which a…
Museum in Munda

Peter Joseph WWII Museum

History buffs should consider this excellent private ‘museum’ of WWII relics. Run by knowledgeable Alphy Barney Paulson, it features lots of utensils, ammunition, machine guns, shells, crockery, helmets, shavers and…
Historic Site in East of Honiara

Betikama SDA Mission

In Betikama village, this sprawling property comprises a small WWII museum with an outdoor collection of salvaged material (mostly US aircraft) as well as two small Japanese anti-tank guns. There's also a handicraft…
Museum in Honiara

National Museum

This modest museum – there is only one room – features interesting displays and old photographs on traditional dance, body ornamentation, currency, weaponry, and archaeology. It also covers the role of the coastwatc…
Notable Building in Honiara

National Parliament

The conical-shaped concrete building that’s perched on the hill above Hibiscus Ave is the National Parliament. Inside, the dome boasts a rich tapestry of traditional art, including arching frescoes.